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We are a full-service import / export company with an office in Cairo, Egypt.  We can help you buy or sell abroad. Our experienced team will assist you in any way we can to make your foreign business transactions, both import and export, smooth and trouble-free. Please contact us for details on how we can help you.

BENCHMARK is a part of daily life for many corporations. If you are seeking inexpensive, quality solutions to your business challenges, consider Egypt. Many Egyptian companies are looking for imported products in order to optimize business performance and to achieve cost reduction. We facilitate all export or import logistics which need to be addressed and relate to product...


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If you have any questions concerning our company, our products, our technicians, or just want to send us your comments and suggestions to info@benchmark-eg.com and/or sales@united.africa


You can also contact us directly by phone at (+20) 22 4155 800


T: (+20) 22 4155 800

5, Hariry Street, Almaza

11361 Cairo, Egypt

: (+20) 109 277 7765

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